3 A.M. – Devil’s Hour

Not an insignificant number of Christians attach a special meaning to this time, as they consider it the devil’s hour. It probably is. The eeriness of that time of day is quite unsettling. The origin of this belief dates back to the biblical story of Jesus, from where it is gathered that he died at around 3 p.m. Since Christ’s death was the greatest single sacrifice ever made for the human race based on Christian belief, it is the Satan’s will to use 3 a.m. as a sort of Anti-Christ time, a time for spreading woe and evil. This belief is quite excellently portrayed by the Reverend in the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

I have my doubts however. Is this the Devil’s time, really? Is this when Satan dons on his pirate suit and send out his demons to earth to reave and rape? I suggest not. Ok, its Sunday 3 a.m. in Nairobi. But its 7 p.m. Saturday in New York, it’s 4 p.m. Saturday in Los Angeles, and its 10 a.m. Sunday in Bangkok. Furthermore, due to longitudinal differences, towns in Kenya would essentially be minutes. Mombasa would presumably be ahead of Nairobi by a couple of minutes, and the latter would in turn be ahead of Bungoma by a couple of minutes. The question is, therefore, is the devil to wait until its 3 a.m. in a particular region to unleash his terror on them, or does she (I could just as well have said He, makes no difference – or does it?) subscribe to regional time zones?

The devil’s activities are not limited by time as we perceive it. Time is an immensely subjective experience to humans. Objectivity is however the one crucial element required to understand this seemingly incomprehensible facet of human life. Time, as it is, does not change. Time is constant. Life, however, changes in relation to time. Human life changes. Humans age. Grow old. Die. Others are born, and the cycle continues for generations. This pattern applies to all animals and all plants, basically all living organisms. Think big though. This earth is a living organism, and it breathes and respires just like most of us do. And thus, the seasons change on this earth in relation to time. There are those common ones, such as summer, winter, autumn, and spring. In Kenya, our seasons can be categorized into three: seasons za jua, mvua na njeve. There are greater seasonal changes as well, some which occur every 10,000 years or so. I digress.

In short, don’t wait to ambush the devil with prayer at 3 a.m. Sleep my dear. Satan is DTF anytime, anywhere.

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