Nothing, Something, Everything.

I am nothing.

No one.

If I died today, life would continue. My mother’s life would continue. As would my sibling’s lives. Uhuru will still be president and corruption will still be the gargantuan dragon we seek to slay. My death may have an impact on someone’s life – miniscule though. My death will not spring a revolution like Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation. My death will not birth a new religion as Jesus’ death did. My death will not be overly celebrated, nor overly mourned.

It will merely be accepted as another wave in this endless sea of life.

I am everything.

Every one.

I am majorly an amalgamation of four essential elements – Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, and Nitrogen. I might have a little iron here and kidogo zinc there but I am chiefly made up of those four elements. So are you. So is your dog…and cat…and that roach that shows up when you have company over. So is the tree growing along Kenyatta Avenue. So is the earth. So is the sun.  So is MACS0647-JD, a galaxy that’s 13.3 billion lights years away. Yeah, 13.3 billion light years. One light year is 9.5 trillion kilometres.

Ergo, me, your dog, a roach, this earth, the sun, and the farthest known galaxy are all made up of pretty much the same stuff; just in different proportions.

I am something.

Some one.

I strive to be different. I strive to make a mark. I strive to be accepted as a unique component in this clusterfuck of a world. I love soul music. I abhor trap. I love chapatis. I hate liver (Urgh, how is that taste even palatable). I have a unique background, unique family, unique experience. So, I strive to be someone unique. Someone who accomplishes something that not’s nothing, and that’s not everything we’re used to. 

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