Drinking (to maintain)

Have you ever woken up and thought “I need a drink?”

The month after the blood moon (which I missed), I was in this predicament.

I just wanted to get wasted.

Wake up with a drink and go to bed drunk as fuck.

I was drinking to maintain.

According to the messiah of Hip-Hop, Jay Hova, we should drink to celebrate, not to maintain.

Got a new job/promotion? Let’s drink to that.

Got engaged/married? Let’s drink to that.

Stole millions from the NYS? Let us fucking drink to that!!!

However, most of us drink to maintain. Your inebriated self is your normal. When sober, you feel like less of a person, less of yourself. You need that drink to get you back on track; to raise your spirits; to get you in the mood for practically everything – get you in the mood for life. A sober life feels like death. Being in your skin feels like you’re trapped in the body of some loser who has no inkling what life is all about.

You want to be drunk. You want to be high. The moments involving those bitter drinks are some of the sweetest in your life.

Don’t tolerate this habit tough. It points to an underlying issue. You’re probably depressed.

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