Can’t Escape Yourself

You cannot escape yourself. Everywhere you go, there you are.

Most of us have internal problems that we battle with every day. Depression, negative thoughts, self-defeating arguments and a myriad more of mental and psychological issues.

In an effort to battle such states of mind, we do everything possible to escape our own minds.

We drink until we are completely inebriated. We smoke until cloud 9 literally settles in our brain. You know, cause of all the smoke. That’s where my examples end. I really haven’t used any drug stronger than marijuana. However, the list of substances to make us forget ourselves is endless. There are those, who like goats, chew on green leaves. Hehe, no offense to all the chai jaba lovers. Then there are those who influenced by the American Hiphop culture, turn to codeine, which they mostly mix with sprite, mountain dew or 7 up. I’m no expert though. There’s those on cocaine, and those on a variety of opiates. And those on expensive prescription drugs like Xanax and promethazine. The effect is all the same.

Drugs are not the only avenues to lose yourself in. Mindless sex can accomplish that. So will music, movies, and video games. Particularly the latter two. Sometime in my moments of depression, I would binge on movies and series that I hardly enjoyed. I just watched for the sake of watching.

Problem is, once sober, you have to deal with your thoughts. Until the next time you get high. Seeing as we can hardly be perpetually high, although some of us attempt to accomplish this, one has to find another solution to dealing with their mental, emotional and psychological issues. You cannot escape yourself, therefore, you have to find a way to live (sober and peacefully) with yourself.

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