Cardi B

I didn’t like Cardi B.

Those of you not familiar with Cardi B, you might as well exit this page now.


I didn’t think her music was that hot and I didn’t quite understand how Bodak Yellow became such a hit. For me, like many others, I discovered her through that song. I don’t mess with Love & HipHop – Orare only discovered she was on that show through our trusted companion, Wikipedia.

I thought she was too raunchy, and that her lyrics were too materialistic. Now that I’ve written that, I’ve realized how biased that opinion was. I mean, isn’t hiphop full of raunchy and materialistic lyrics? Rappers have been rapping about watches, cars and Hennessey since Biggie and Pac. So why would I judge someone following in the footsteps of her predecessors.

My opinion of Cardi took a significant turn right around an hour ago when I watched her interview with DjVlad. That woman is real. To the core. And she has this aura of intelligence that is masked by the way she talks. She’s not embarrassed about the choices she’s made (breast and butt implants specifically; who knew Cardi got her assets upgraded?), and is fully aware of what impact they have had in her life.

Long and short is, I’m impressed. And she definitely has a new fan. Doesn’t mean I’ll go looking for her music and shit, but, I respect her hustle.

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