Calling all Good People

This is a call to all those who consider themselves good, moral, or ethical. Whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Agnostic, religion matters not; just your moral polarity. For where is the standard of morality? Is it in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism? No, it cannot be found in any religion. You must know that it is ideal people who precede religions. Jesus was a Jew, but from Him Christianity emerged. Mohammed was not born a Muslim, but from him Islam was birthed. So, this is to you, the ideal man/woman.

Stop hiding out.

Stop condemning the state of affairs on social media, but fail to do something about it on the ground.

Stop deferring the role of judge and juror to the unseen Supreme Being, hoping that the evildoers shall repay their sins in a later life.

I doubt that they shall. Look at America. That country was basically built on the genocide of an entire race of people (Native Americans), and the subjugation of another entire race (Africans). Well, slavery was abolished in 1865, and yet 152 years down the line, the African American is still not free. One only has to examine the occurrence of movements such as #BlackLivesMatter to know that this is true. African Americans are disproportionately incarcerated, disproportionately poor, and disproportionately victimized by flawed policies.

This is not about them however. Their example was merely to state a point. An African American slave in 1840 might have told himself that the injustices meted out on him would be repaid in kind by the Almighty at a later time. This is the same narrative a civil rights activist in 1963 might have told themselves regarding the state of affairs then. It might be what the mother of a (slain) victim of police profiling and violence might be telling herself at this exact moment.

I believe such a day is not coming. It is here already. That day is today. And if today slips between our fingers, we have no assurances as to what the morrow holds. Let me borrow from the Christians here, for they are wont to suffer from the “Leave it to God” syndrome more than others. I believe it is erroneous for Christians to wait for the world’s end so that they can join their Heavenly Father up above. Misquote me not. I do not intend to say that there is no heaven; there just might be. And if there is, is it “our home”? It just might be. However, in following the Christian narrative, you find out that we are spiritual beings, more spirit than flesh, a feature that markedly distinguishes us from all other life on this planet. Flora and fauna are devoid of the spiritual essence.

Therefore, it goes to reason that humans are more like aliens on earth. And so what is the purpose of bringing us from heaven down here to earth? The bible is quite clear: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Mathew 6:2, King James Version). Our role as spiritual creatures whose original home is heaven is to bring the heaven culture down to earth, such that Heaven can manifest here on earth. So this issue of turning a blind eye to the problems the earth faces claiming that it is only a temporary abode is undue. We should instead be taking charge of affairs on this earth and ensuring that heaven comes down to earth. Are we on track? No.

And this is why I’ve called out to all good people. Moral humans. Ethical beings. Take charge. The day is today. Take charge of yourself. Take charge of your family. Take charge of your community. Take charge of your nation. Then let’s take charge of this beloved planet of ours.

We have let self-serving individuals with nefarious intent and deed hold the reins for too long and look what they’ve brought us. Nothing but war, famine, hate, death, and destruction.

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