Go Beyond

 We need to go beyond “Mheshimiwa”. We impose on these people a title that they are not ready to bear. Mheshimiwa? Really? When a majority of them are corrupt, self-serving thieves? The very opposite of what honorable is. Since independence, it has been the trend for the mheshimiwa, to “jigawia”, a significant portion of that which belongs to the masses. And in such a manner, they slowly eat of the sweat and hard labor of the hoi polloi to live expensive and unreal lives. Not to say that there are no waheshimiwa in society, but most politicians do not fall in that class.

We need to go beyond politics. I call bullshit. Politics is nothing but bullshit. Cow dung. Actually, it’s worse. Cow dung is highly useful. It’s used in construction (Maasai manyattas); it is used as manure; and, it is used in the production of cooking gas (methane) in biogas setups. So, politics does not even match up to the class that dung is rolling in. My point? Politics as we know it is nothing more than a tiresome tirade of useless rhetoric, self-serving policies, and manipulation of polities. It is an eyesore. An ear-sore. An utter bore. What we need is leadership. Leaders who will rise up from the Kenyan populace and lead the country, continent, and humanity in general, to greater heights as a species. Which may be too much to ask, no? Well, if we’re not going to have leaders, let’s at least have managers. I’d rather the major complaints concerning the individual managers be that they are impersonal or “not good with people”, but that they are honest, trustworthy, and just. Rather than one who pretends to be a leader, but is actually a worm, feeding off of you. Imagine that.

We need to go beyond the political analyst. He/She needs to finds another job to do. Become farmers I suggest. There’s a beauty in nurturing something from the ground up, or from the womb, to adulthood. Any parent can attest to this. So, go ye forth and nurture our next generation of soon-to-be bodily nutrients. Instead of fooling us here with your complex, riddle and pun filled analyses of what is clearly a push and pull between a small bunch of selfish fellows. Nothing more. No Machiavelli. No Frantz Fanon. Don’t get it misconstrued though. I’m a huge fan of the latter.  Fanon was, and is, a revolutionary. However, we need fewer “intellectual” analyses, and more blunt honesty and openness. All we need is for the analyst to attend those TV panel discussions (noise-making sessions) and call bullshit (less than bullshit, eh?). Expose this sick political circus for what it is. Nothing more than a tiny cabal of selfish and greedy individuals playing up the passions and prejudices of the populace to the benefit of their self-serving ends. Inform Kenyans to grow up and stop being mentally enslaved and colonized by the selfish propaganda and agenda of this cabal. If all of you did this, every day of the week, at all panel discussions across the cacophony of TV stations we have, Kenyans would wake up quicker than you can say Chebukati.

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