Give a man a gun…

Isn’t it funny how the greatest thieves, looters and plunderers are clean-shaven “gentlemen” in $4000 suits and $300 colognes? Yet, the average Kenyan will often point to some Safari-boot clad, Gikomba-dressed 16-year old from Majengo as the exemplification of Kenya’s criminal elements. Can we really compare the damage done by a criminal gang in Dandora as opposed to that conducted by a criminal gang in Parliament, in ABSA bank, or even the National Construction Authority. Hardly.

It is because of the injustices perpetuated by those at the highest echelons of power and authority that an unequal society is fostered, hence breeding social evils such as crime. These people we call mheshimiwa and who drive around in Landcruiser Prados and Jaguars hurt our economy, country, and general state of affairs more than any criminal from the ghetto ever will. Yes, a robber from Mukuru kwa Reuben might kill his victim and maim numerous others in the quest for dollar dollar. However, that criminal at the back left of a Range Rover will cause the death of hundreds, if not thousands, through political conflagrations, allowing construction of structurally unsound apartments, allowing importation of toxic consumer products and so much more.

“Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world”

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