Young Men/Women

I disagree. Yes, it is vital for young people to discover their purpose in life and have clear goals and means of achieving them. Furthermore, romantic relationships in the modern age come beset with a whole lot of expectations that may weigh down the average individual, from monetary responsibilities to possible parental duties (considering just how many pregnancies are unplanned).

However, steering clear of romantic relationships doesn’t guarantee you success in your “personal” goals. Furthermore, why should you avoid romantic pursuits for a whole period in your life. You will definitely never be young again. And romantic relationships in your younger years are far different from those when older. It’s a whole phase that if you miss out on, YOU MISS OUT ON. This notion is similar to that which was peddled to us back in the day when we were told that we should focus on our studies, everything else will come later. Well, everything does come later but not in the same way you would have experienced it during that particular age.

a You might experience love in your 30s but it hardly compares to the love shared between students in some uni or college. What am I saying? Life is to be lived to its entirety, at all moments. Teenage years are not only for educational growth, but for personal and social growth as well. Exclusively sticking to your books so you can build a better future ahead is simply denying yourself of the many experiences and opportunities available to you at that moment in your life. Some may, will, never come again.

So, young men/women, (1) focus your youthful energy on discovering your life purpose and working actively to acquire the skills you need to achieve that purpose. (2) Engage in romantic pursuits if they come your way, but drop them the moment they threaten to lead you astray from point (1). A time for romance may come, but you might be dead…or 80…or unable to love in the way you would have in your younger years. Explore options.

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