Secret Loan

This headline.

The word secret is what got me, obviously. Why would the government take a loan in secret? A government meant to be acting on behalf of the people?

Our government is a whole animal on its own. It’s like the Kenyan government is this separate engine that runs alongside (not with, or to the benefit of; alongside; separate from) the country of Kenya, as represented by the people. This is reinforced by what The Engine’s spokesperson said recently, concerning Kenyans ‘crying when we should not cry.” Apparently, “The amount of taxes those people in Europe pay is nothing compared to what we are paying here” hence, “we should stand firm and support our government.”

Support a government we have been told is stealing 2 Billion Kenyan Shillings Daily.


The same government that lives large, no wonder every one wants to have a government job. Not only are you assured of a pension once you retire, you have the opportunity to filch the government while working within. And this is at both levels of government, National and County.

The one thing that this loan reminds me of is my personal financial habits. I’ve borrowed loans from every possible place I could get one. I’ve borrowed from friends, even ones I hadn’t seen in years. Imagine calling up someone (ok, more like sending them a Facebook message) you used to be in high school with, almost 5 years later, and asking them for cash. Even classmates from back in primary school. I tried every loan app that could give me a loan. Tala, Branch, OKash, Berry, KCB MPesa, and the list goes on. This was after having exhausted MShwari as an option. Then I came across This headline:

With regards to borrowing, our government is a true reflection of its people.

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