Human Beings Are Not Truth Tellers

Human beings are not truth tellers; they are survivors.

Interesting quote, eh? It was written by Sunny Bindra in his monthly periodical. Most of us have invisible mentors, and Sunny Bindra’s at the top of my list.

Wherever you are out there, Jah bless Bindra, Jah Bless.

You are oh so awesome. Yes Lawd! This right here is a man crush. Non-sexual but thoroughly emotional. The emotions may stem from only one party, but they are valid nonetheless.

This post was going to be about the quote above, which he wrote about in a 2018 periodical pictured below, but I figure it’s just going to be an ode to this awesome Kalasinga (There’s an interesting story behind the origin of the name “Kalasinga” here).

The way you smoothly navigate through an eclectic mix of topics that range from leadership and management to AI, politics, happiness, meatless meat and many more is simply fascinating. Your article in the Sunday Nation is a must-read, alongside Kamau Ngotho’s “Beats from the past”.

It was a no brainer subscribing to your periodical. From the Sunwords Ding! To the current periodical format.

All the books you recommend are on my “to read” list. I finally read Sapiens though. A must-read for anyone reading this.

Your 50-20-20-10 formula is my mantra. It works magic, to say the least.

I watch all your videos. Well, except for the backseat interviews. Not that I have a problem with the interviewees, but I would rather just listen to you talk.

We are not family. We are not friends. We are not from the same ethnicity, nor race. We are not from the same religion. Heck, we are not from the same age group/set- but I identify with your thoughts and ideas so strongly that you could as well be my brother or closest friend.

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