Rapists Should Fuck Off and Die

No brainer really. Fuck rapists. With a Morning Star.

The fuck is wrong with such people?

Yesterday, somewhere in Siaya County, a woman was walking to somewhere, from somewhere.

She didn’t have a mask on. Mask wearing is mandatory for anyone in a public space.

She passes outside a police station.

Cop stops her, informs her of her offense, and swiftly locks her up.

Then proceeds to rape her. At 10:00 AM.

The time doesn’t matter here – it merely adds to the shock value of the entire incident (as if the rape is not shocking enough?).

The audacity to fucking rape someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The temerity, of a police officer, a law enforcement personnel, to commit such a crime!!!!

The fucking gusto to do it at in a police station, at 10:00 in the fucking morning!!

As I said, perpetrator and time matter not. It might have been committed by the woman’s husband, at 9 pm, in their matrimonial bed. Don’t matter, Rape is rape. Off with their balls.

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