Organic Conversations: 27 minutes

I travelled out of the big city to a smaller city for a while. Wherever I go in this country, everyone associates me with Nairobi. I am a Nairobi guy. Sometimes I clarify that I’m actually from Kajiado County, in that small, not-so-small town called Ngong. Most times I do not.

Because the clarification’s bullshit. I am very a Nairobi person, whether I actually live within the borders of the city/county. Quite a significant population of people who live in Ngong work in Nairobi. Ngong is actually part of the Nairobi Metropolitan region.

My reason for dissociation with the capital city stems from the various connotations that being Nairobian carries: aloofness to rural ways of life and, in extension, simpler ways of life; sexual promiscuity (yule anakupea, pia ananipea); exotic tastes and delicacies (pizza, burgers, kombucha); and so much more that you can say about Nairobi, or generally big city people. I’m sure some individual in a rural Indian village would say the same about a person from Bangalore, or someone from rural Ireland would say about someone from Dublin. In the latter, you’ll encounter terms such as Culchie (rural folk) and Jackeen (urban folk), originally used as pejorative references by either side to the other.

I digress much.

I am a writer. That’s why the 67 Year Affair podcasts are always based on material that has been written first. As I mentioned earlier though, I’ve travelled and I’m currently in the company of JaKisii. Conversations with him are always good, hence I invited him to share these conversations on the podcast.  Therefore, for a better part of the next three weeks I will be having conversations with JaKisii on the podcasts. Conversations that I will later attempt to recreate here…or not.

This conversation was initially meant to talk about the existence of God. Topic drifted and we ended up taking about, amongst other things, coming from a Seventh Day Adventist background. What I would call growing up elitist. I shall write about this some other day.

What's on my playlist?

Protoje ft. Lila Ike - In Bloom

PS: This is One Of Those Songs (OOTS). Those that give you an eargasm the first time you really listen to them. Cause you might have "heard" them a couple of times before, but weren't in the right frame of mind to receive them. 

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