Parte after parte

Offer after offer after offer.

Parte after Parte.

Typically, Telkom has a 30GB for 30 days at 1000 bob ($10); the data bundle is capped at 1 GB daily. This is definitely an offer, considering that the one and only Safaricom hand you a mere 8GB for the same amount and period; while Airtel give you 12GB. Telkom’s is definitely an offer. It’s still not as cheap as it should be though. This is the age of the internet; the age of information. Internet speeds should be all the way up and prices should be all the way down – on the floor. The internet is fast becoming a necessary utility on top of water and electricity. Ok, I might have overstretched placing water in the same category. One is necessary for life, and the others, well, are necessary for living.

Now, for just 200bob ($2) extra, I get a one-month free subscription to Showmax (the Kenyan Netflix…then again, Netflix IS the Kenyan Netflix). Showmax does have what I’ve been advertised to as stellar local productions, hence I wouldn’t mind that. I do however steer clear of streaming services such as those when on cellular network. I save the Netflix (and Iflixes and Showmaxflixes) for Wi-Fi.

On top of that, they offer a 3-month cash back on banking fees with Standard Chartered. Excellent – for a Stanchart customer. Finally, they offer 4 free Bolt rides. Imagine that…4 free Bolt rides. I’m sure the rides are capped at a certain distance, meaning you can exhaust all your 4 rides on one ride…and still pay out of pocket. It’s still an offer though, riiiiight!

I would have been tempted. Ok, I wouldn’t. A rats ass I give about cash backs and Bolts and Showmaxflixes. Plus, I’m already subscribed to Telkom’s 60GB offer for 1000bob ($10). The offer is only available on Fridays (I love a challenge! Hehe), and there’s no daily cap. You might as well exhaust the entire 60 gigs in a day.

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