Back Breaking Work

People go through that every single day.

From the people using Doshi steel in mjengo, to those receiving a healthy dose of Doshi in various brothels and such. It’s all back breaking work. Someone working for peanuts in a mine 50 feet under and someone washing clothes the whole day just to earn some few shillings. Back breaking work.

Back breaking work is not limited to any work area. There’s back breaking world in hospitals; back breaking work in jails; back breaking work in schools; and back breaking work in the events industry. There’s back breaking work everywhere. And back breaking work in this case is that which cannot afford you the luxuries to “heal” yourself from such work. So no, overworked auditors at KPMG and Deloitte are not included in this list.

Yes, their workload may be excessive. Similar to a junior partner at Otieno Ngugi and Yusuf Advocates, but at least they’re paid an amount worth their while. They can vacation their stress away; and hire trainers and physical therapists to treat them of their back pain…or show them ways of preventing it altogether.

Back breaking work breaks your back. And does not offer any apologies.

Apologies are for wimps.

And rich kids.

The rest of us are fucked. You have to take care of your body else you’ll end up like my grandfather complaining of how his back pain is a result of him overworking during his younger years.

And yes, they’re all rich kids. Even when they’re 70, they’re still kids. Look at any individual from a wealthy background and tell me they do not have certain “childlike” qualities even in their adulthood. Well, you may say that they’re free, and we automatically associate freedom with childhood since we’re all so fucked in this prison we call adulthood.

Yes, adulthood is a prison.

I said it.

It needed to be said.

We’re all just pretending most of the time. Putting on faces and trying to act tough in front of younger people. Elsewise, we’re all just kids. Rich kids. Poor kids.

In that line of thought then, aren’t all kids just adults? Rich adults. Poor adults.

If you feel awkward about my choice of demographic (socioeconomic), sorry not sorry. The income gap; wealth disparity; socioeconomic divide; whatever you want to call it. It’s too fucking huge to ignore.

Which reminds me. I’m just from reading in a certain textbook that use of vulgarity in one’s language apparently diminishes their societal status. People will associate you with a lower status if you use vulgarity or if you use filler such as “ah” “uhm” or if you use question tags such as “it was an awesome movie, right?”. Well, fuck that.

I think the point is clear.

Back breaking work sucks.

It will all soon be done by robots, so why not liberate our people sooner.

Universal basic income manenos like this. Individual and household food security pap! Free education until university assured for all. Universal healthcare. Shelter is not even an issue. Promotion (including R&D) of local and indigenous construction methods hence affordable and decent housing for all. We’ve legalized Cannabis Sativa, so need I even say what the impact on the textile industry will be. People will be making their own clothes at home. Bet.

This is all achievable in under 10 years if we wanted to. It may seem like a dream now, but it’s actually just reality hidden behind some smoke screens created by EPs (Enemies of Progress)

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