Today is Tunday.

First thing I heard today was the Muslim Adhan.

Which was swiftly followed by some early bird preacher and their praise and worship team.

I woke up with my mind heavy.

Creativity. Creator. Creating.

That’s the primary thing bothering me right now.

Am I a creative?

Aren’t we all creatives?

How much am I creating?

As opposed to the amount I consume.

Because I consume a lot.

I consume food; I consume herbs; I consume music; I consume movies and TV shows; I consume words penned hundreds of years ago; I consume tweets written minutes ago.

I consume a lot.

And this bothers me nowadays.

My Google profile picture depicts a bull, reading from “The Daily Bullshit” while sitting on a toilet bowl. The toilet is connected to a television set which airs the bull’s shit to a family of four.

I put this profile picture when I felt that I’d watched enough TV to last me several lifetimes.

I presumed that my TV watching days were nearing an end.

That was 7 years ago.

I still watch TV. Not as enthusiastically as I did then, but I still do.

Hence I stayed up for four hours watching the Snyder Cut.

And why every week I’ll spend about 20 to 30 minutes watching Last Week Tonight.

Every time I do that though something gnaws at me. Something urges me to get up and out of the consumption cycle and create.

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