Justice League/Avengers

Have you ever met a group of people who simply enthralled you?

Maybe you met through friends. Or through some work-related thing. Or through a hobby even.

Thing is you met, and they were awesome.

And above being awesome, you felt a deep connection to all of them.

It’s like the things you care about, they care about too.

You don’t feel like you need to explain the shit that you have to wade through everyday in this here Kenya so as to get stuff done and break down the status quo. They get it.

And so, you feel a superior bond between you.

One that almost feels like the birth of a Justice League, or Avengers.

Completely different superheroes with completely different powers, living and working in completely different cities/countries.

All working towards the same good though.

And so you feel that this group has that potential.

This group could pool together and do something gargantuan. Something great. Something that shapes the destiny of humanity.

If only we all felt the same way.

What's on my playlist?

Cold Callers - Summer Nights

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