Time Wasted

When I think about the time I’ve wasted, I waste some more.

Man (woman, human, who man?), have I wasted time. Lots…and lots and lots and lots. And lots. Whenever I think about the time I’ve wasted, I always hope that I will use that as some sort of springboard to make the most out of every day, and moment, that I am granted.  Then I go ahead and waste it. This is actually, I suppose, the one time that I have ruminated on time wasted that I’ve been spurred into action (this writing here). Shit, I’ve actually ran out of words. That’s it folks.

They’ve come back. So, back to wasting time. It’s not for the lack of shit to do that I waste time. No, I have tons of shit to do. But I don’t do it. Instead I’ll be scrolling through my Twitter timeline. Scrolling through my Facebook feed. I’m not on Instagram or Tiktok but I’m sure I’d be scrolling through them as well. Scrolling through my YouTube homepage, or watching VLADTV or JRE a little too much. Scrolling through the myriad of suggestions on Netflix, ending up choosing none, and swiftly switching back to YouTube. Trying to break records and accelerate through the ranks on games such as Hill Climb Racing or Solitare.

I don’t know why rather than prepare for an exam ( in a subject I knew little of), I chose to binge watch the first and second seasons of Money Heist. Self-sabotage? Anyway, I think am officially done with this post. Too much bana.

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