Write when you feel like it. Write when you do not.

I’m not.

But, the train has to keep on moving. As I write this, I’ve never boarded a train in my life. Life, like the hypothetical train in this context, keeps on moving. One minute you’re 60 and wondering how fast the years have gone. It seems that everyday goes a little faster than before nowadays. A friend of mine once explained the phenomenon quite excellently.

When I was younger, say 1 day old, that 24-hour period comprised my entire life. Therefore, what would have been an ordinary day for others would be my entire life. Fast forward to 1 year old. A day as compared to my entire life is only 1/365 or 1/366 of my entire life. So as compared to the duration of my life, a day is still such a significant period.

However, as I aged, this fraction only gets larger and larger such that three decades later, a day is approximately 0.00009 of my entire life. Therefore, a day has gradually grown to become a small proportion of my life, hence why it seems to fly by so quickly. It’s simply a matter of perception.

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